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Wedding Packages

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Pink Petals

The Iris...

Our Small Wedding Reception Package...

Starting @ $995.00

Make your small reception event unforgettable with The Iris Wedding Package. This package includes a small setup with one microphone and two professional speakers, along with music and emcee services for an exceptional experience. Our team of professionals ensures that everything runs smoothly, leaving you free to enjoy your special day. Just remember, this package does not include ceremony music or lighting.

The Lily...

Starting @ $1295

The Lily is perfect for slightly larger events, and with this package, we've got you covered. Everything included in our Iris package is here, with the addition of limited lighting and ceremony music. But please don't forget, the ceremony has to be in the same room as the reception for this fantastic upgrade.

White Flowers
Pink Petals

The Rose...

Our Most Requsted Premier

Wedding Event Package

Starting @ $1695

The Rose Package is our most requested wedding event package for a reason. With out of area ceremony music, officiant microphones, sound, and wireless, battery-powered uplighting all controlled from the DJ booth, this package has everything you need for a flawless event. Our all-inclusive dance floor lighting adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of the reception. It’s no wonder why so many couples choose The Rose Package for their special day.

 Im so excited to be doing what i love and to be able to share my journey..

Please check in often... love you all and God does too...

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